Wood Rabbit Hutch,Guinea Pig House Leak Proof Design

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1. Spacious Space of guinea pig cage: 36.8"L x 18.9"W x 20.1"H. Hidey House: 18.1"L x 13.0"W x 7.1"H, suitable for small to medium animal such as bunnies, guinea pig, dwarf rabbit, hedgehog, hamsters, quail, chinchilla, gerbil, and ferret, providing more room for them to play with no weight limit.

2. Our guinea pig cage is leaking proof, thickened wood design makes the bottom fit the tray more tightly to prevent urine leakage. The bottom net is a thick metal net, which can well protect your pet's feet, and prevent your pet from stepping on excrement, that will be more convenient for cleaning.

3. Distance between the side panel iron nets is ≈ 1", which is not suitable for ultra-small animals. Please make sure that your furry friend will not get out of the gap before purchase our guinea pig cage.

4. Thoughtful Design: Deeper plastic pull-out tray with no leakage at the bottom is handy for cleaning up.It has two latches that are hook and eye type attachments (top &side). Non-slip wooden detachable climbing ladder, suitable for small pets who like to be climbers and look out at everyone on the top. Wall gaurds built in to stop hay and bedding from being pushed out, this design also good for shy and unsocial furry babies who can stay in the cave.

5. Sturdy to Use: 100% made of 10mm Finnish spruce panels(NOT CEDAR), thicker than others guinea pig cages, ensures good sturdiness to use. All metal meshes are firmly embedded in the wood with sufficient screws. There are pre-made holes to make the drilling easier and more aligned, which is assemble for 20 minutes with ease.Hutch is designed for indoor use and a nice grey colour that blends nicely with furniture décor. The wood surface is coated with safe and environmentally varnish.

6. Tips for Use: The enclosed wood side can be used for sleeping room or bathroom with litter box in the corner if he/she has been well trained. If not, recycled newspapers, puppy pads or aluminum foil on the bottom would be good choice to clean up. rabbits love to chew wood - in order to last beautiful cage’s pristine condition long term, please providing your furry children plenty of wood toys helps to distract the bunnies to an extant.

7.More Care for Small Animal: They are cute, but very fragile at the same time, please latched the door to keep small furry babies protected when you cannot monitor other animals. Allow the bunny increasing amounts of time out of its cage, under supervision. It is recommended that small pet NOT be kept outdoors in hutches. They cannot handle high temperatures, and will go into heat stroke, so keep them out of the sun and in a comfortable environment.

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