Wagon Cart Garden cart trucks make it easier to transport firewood

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Wagon Garden trucks make it easier to transport firewood, plants, chicken feed, potted soil and honeycombs. The detachable side on the foldable utility wagon increases versatility when carrying larger loads. The practical garden trolley bears 550 pounds (about 249.5 kg), so it is strong enough to carry heavy work. You don't have to drag heavy materials to the original place on multiple trips. Heavy reinforced steel frame, 180-degree steering range handle control and 10-inch (about 25.4 cm) pneumatic tires make this garden utility vehicle stable and ready to help you complete tasks in the yard. Buy quickly! ! !


-Removable on four sides, increasing versatility when carrying larger loads.

-handle control over 180 degree rotation range

-Durable steel frame can hold 249.5 kg of goods

-Wide wheelbase and 10-inch tires provide good stability and balance.

-LuckyerMore practical four-wheeled vehicle makes it easy for you to complete tasks in the yard.

Wagon Cart Specifications:

-overall dimensions: 37 x 19.48 x 40.15 inches
-overall dimensions: 94 x 49.5 x 102 cm

-wheel size: 10 x 10 x 3 inches
-wheel size: 25.4 x 25.40 x 7.62 cm

-handle length: 32.28 inches
-handle length: 82 cm

-Net weight: 15.5KGS
-Net weight: 34 pounds

-maximum load: 249KGS
-maximum load: 550 pounds

-material: steel frame and rubber tire

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