Two person far infrared sauna room

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Model: LT-902CH

English name: Two person far infrared sauna room

Product specifications: 44 x 39x 77inches (length*width*height)

Internal height: 40*34*72inches

Seat height: 19inches

Glass door 65*24*0.3inches

Power plug: American/European

Power cord length: 3M/118.11inches

Rated power supply: 50HZ /120V

Rated power: 1750W

Maximum temperature rise: 65 degrees

Temperature protection: 110 degrees

Control system: LCD display, button control

Audio system: Bluetooth audio

Main material: Canadian Premium Hemlock Wood

Heating material: far-infrared epoxy heating plate

Packing method: carton foam packing

Seat load: 661.39lb

Applicable height: 59-75inches

GREAT FUNCTION 1:Lose weight, remove toxin, reduce stress and fatigue. save money to pay for beauty salon shop.

GREAT FUNCTION 2:Symptoms improved of insomnia, depression, limb aches and joint pain, then stress &fatigue relief required. Open clogged pores, expel toxic substances, promote blood circulation, improve dark yellow skin, and slim down.

MAIN CHARACTER 1:Made of Canadian hemlock. Adjust the temperature by built-in carbon crystal heating board and intelligent control panel.

MAIN CHARACTER 2:Convenient installation. Factory supply. Brand focused. Professional technology. Dedicated service.

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