Portable Power Station 500Wh Portable Solar Generator Backup Lithium Battery with 110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet,PD 65W Type-C,Backup Battery Pack Power Supply

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[HIGH CAPACITY]Portable power station S500 equipped with 500wh (14.8V/33.8Ah) lithium-ion battery pack, has enough power to charge most of high-power appliances ,such as TV, phone, laptop, mini cooler,etc. This portable battery can meet all your needs in outdoor camping, power outages and other emergency situations (especially hurricane season)

[MULTI-OUTPUT TO CHARGE 7 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY] Portable power station S500 features 1*AC 110V outlets, 2*DC 12V/10A , 2*USB ports ,1* PD 65W TYPE-C for 40% faster charge ,1*Car Charger ports.The solar generator can charge multiple devices at the same time, share it with your family anywhere, share the power, share the fun.Note: The Power Station Can Not Be Charged and Use at The Same Time

[HIGH-SPEED CHARGING]AUTTAJA portable power station S500 quick charge USB 3.0 and PD 65W TYPE-C output for 60% faster charge, can meet the power supply for all your PD devices, from smartphones to laptops.Note: It is recommended that the AC output port is not used alone for equipment below 25W

[MULTIPLE WAYS OF RECHARGE]You can charge the power station by Solar Panel, Wall Outlet, Car outlet and Type-C Adapter. 1) Use 120W solar panel (not included) for charging, fully charged within 9.5-12 hours; 2) Use the AC Adaper to plug in the wall outlet for charging, fully charged within 7-9 hours; 3) Plug in the car outlet for charging, fully charged within 8-10 hours

[SAFE AND RELIABLE]Portable power station S500 backup battery power supply use battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, extend battery life through short protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, and overheating protection; LCD screen display design can clearly show you the remaining ener/ AC output status,3 lighting mode can provide LED light/ Flash light/ SOS light at night when you are on outdoor activites


Model: S500

Battery capacity: 500Wh 135000mAh

Output power: Rated 200W, Maximum 500W overload protection

Input voltage: AC 110V 50/60Hz

Output voltage: 110V 60Hz

DC output: two 12V DC outputs, One QC3.0 outputs, One PD65W outputs, One USB 12W outputs

LED light: 1W

Solar charging: between standard 24V-30V, total power does not exceed 240W (solar charging port is 1 positive and 2 negative)

Car charging: using solar charging ports, allowing small 12V and large cars 24V charging, the maximum charging power is 100W (car chargers are solar charging ports 3 positive and 4 negative)

Output waveform: AC pure sine wave

AC overload: no output after overload, disconnect the load, restart to recover

AC short circuit: AC output short circuit is strictly prohibited, short circuit will damage the machine

Lithium battery: Cycle life more than 1000 times

Weight: 4.8kg

Size: 30.8*14.8*14.8cm

1 Solar charging standards

A, the circuit is designed as PWM mode

B. The solar input voltage range is 24-30V.

C, the maximum allowable power to be charged into the battery does not exceed 240W

D. Too high voltage or too much power may cause damage to the internal circuit

2 Charging standards for car chargers

A. Car charging is suitable for 12V small cars and large 24V cars.

B. Car charging power is 100W.

3 Mains charging time

A, charging current 6.0A/150W, charging to more than 90% in 7 hours

B. When the battery level is displayed as 100%, it can be used.

Weight: 4.8kg

Size: 30.8*14.8*14.8cm

1 x UPS power supply host

1 x Adapter

1 x Charging source cable

1 x Use's Instruction

Operating temperature range:-20-65℃ Storage temperature range:-20-65℃ Battery box overcharge protection voltage:25.55V Battery box over-discharge protection voltage:16.8V Discharge overcurrent protection current:150A-170A Current when the battery box is working:≤10mA Current when the battery box is Sleeping:<150 uA

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