Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage with a Tray and Runs for Small Animals, Orange On-Site

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Three boxes of rabbit cages - bright orange

Material: pine, galvanized wire mesh, linoleum.
Main color: bright orange.
Roof linoleum colour: green.
The overall size of the product: 212(L)*47(W)*86(H)cm, the overall wood size is 3*2cm;
Barbed wire diameter: 0.07cm, barbed wire grid size: 1.2*1.2cm.
Product parameters:
The product is a three-box structure, and the left and right side boxes are symmetrical in structure and have the same size;
The size of the single piece of linoleum on the top of the main box in the middle is 44*44cm,
There is a small barbed wire door on the upper and lower sides of the main box, the two doors are the same size, 27*21.5cm,
There is a plywood drawer in the middle of the main box, the size of the drawer is 63*35cm;
The size of the felt on the top of the side box is 44*71.5cm, and the overall size of a single side box is 68*37*54cm.
The front height of the side box is 54cm, and the rear height is 52cm; there is a door on the side box, and the size of the door is 48*28cm.

Remarks: The product includes a set of full English instructions.

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