Ikuby ball style fire pit ball of fire with BBQ grill

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN - The Ikuby fire ball style fire pit has

an unique and beautiful spherical design. The all-round mesh grid protects well against flying sparks for better safety

  • Barbecue funcaiton - The Ikuby fire ball style fire pit is not only a nice designed fire pit, but also a Barbecue grill. Eaily convert to BBQ grill with 4 support bracket and a extra grill.
  • MASSIVE CONSTRUCTION - The structure is made of solid

steel construction with 4 stable legs.

  • CONVENIENT – The ikuby fire ball style fire pit is

easy to open thanks to the large side handles. The carrying handles make it easy to move the fire basket around in the garden.

  • Size- Dimensions (L x W x H): 33.8 x 33.8 x 35.5 inch.

Weight: 44 lbs.

Ikuby fire pit 'Ball of Fire'

So the barbecue evening is guaranteed to be extended

The "Ball of Fire" fire pit is not only a real eye-catcher nice designed fire pit in your garden, it also provides light and warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere when it gets dark. The solid steel construction is protected with a surrounding mesh grid, so you are safe from flying sparks. The fire basket is easy to open thanks to the large side handles. The fire bowl is enamelled.

This is what typical fire pit look like

Ikuby Ball sytle fire pit consist of a heat-resistant metal vessel. They have high side walls, which are broken up by large, mostly grid-like recesses and thus enable a safe all-round view of the fire. There is often a separate bowl at the bottom for catching the ashes. Ikuby Fire pit is made of steel, iron or cast iron and are used in the garden as a mood element, as well as as a BBQ grill.

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