HP-G07BK Mechanical Elliptical Machine with adjustable resistance and speed suitable for home office use multi-function under table sports pedal

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Mechanical elliptical machines provide the trainer with reasonable upper or lower limb movement. The product uses advanced techniques such as forward and backward pedaling, timing, and passive and active exercises.

The specifications.

This product can help users train the following bodies.


  1. Exercise your lower limbs, including thighs, legs, knees, and ankles. Users can exercise lower limb strength more effectively, increase the amount of exercise to improve lower limb motor function, increase muscle strength, prevent disuse muscle atrophy, improve lower limb blood circulation, and promote proprioceptive recovery.
  2. Work your upper extremities, including the shoulder, upper arms, forearms, and wrists. Users are able to exercise their upper limbs more accurately. The healthy limb will be mobilized to move the affected limb, thereby increasing stability and coordination of control, improving upper limb function and preventing forearm pronation.
  3. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation and cardiopulmonary function, stabilize and improve limb function, and promote more accurate training for users.
  4. Exercise can help users strengthen their physique and achieve fat reduction.

Resistance Settings for gears 1-8 meet your different needs. If you want to be easy and effective then you can choose to resist. If you want to train hard then you can go high.

  • specifications

Color; black

Net weight: 29.99 pounds

Maximum weight: 264.55 pounds

Product size :21.2 "×18.75" ×10.52"

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