Compartment cat litter-black

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Compartment cat litter-black/brown

Material: P2 grade density board, the surface needs to be painted evenly.

Net weight: 12KGS.

The size information is as follows:

1. Overall size: 53*51*64.5cm;

2. Door size: 46.2*44.7cm;

3. The inner hollow size of the arch: 20.7*18.1CM, the outer diameter of the arch: 25.7*23CM, and the thickness of the arch is 0.5mm;

4. The distance between the interlayer board and the top board: 11.1CM;

5. The size of the hollow rectangle on both sides of the panel: 11.5*6.2cm;

6. Floor size: 46.5*51cm;

7. Both sides of the panel, the door panel size and thickness are 1.2CM; the thickness of the concave part of the two sides of the panel is 0.3mm;

8. The thickness of the back plate is 0.3mm;

9. The size of the bottom support for the front door of the cat house touching the ground: 46.5*3.2cm,

10. The thickness of the cat roof board is 1.8CM;

The product details are as follows:

1. There are four plastic feet at the bottom of the cat house;

2. The handle of the door is stainless steel;

3. The door and the upper and lower partitions are connected with stainless steel hinges for rotation;

4. The door panel and one side panel are equipped with magnetic bumps and iron plates for opening and closing the door;

5. There are 2 rectangular hollows on both sides of the panel;

6. Include an assembly manual with the box

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