Chain hoist 4400lbs 2T capacity 10ft wIth 2 heavy duty hooks,Manual chain hoist steel construction,Black

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1) Powerful lifting capacity: With a high-quality alloy steel chain , this manual hoist is capable of lifting loads of up to 2 Ton/4400 lbs, making it ideal for heavy-duty jobs in various industrial settings.

2) Robust construction: This hoist is designed to last with its forged and heat-treated chain and steel gear milling process, ensuring superior durability and reliability even in harsh conditions.

3) Safety first: Our hoist is equipped with a mechanical load brake and adheres to ASME B30.16 safety standards. This ensures accurate control and safe operation in the workplace, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

4) Smooth operation: The fully forged drop-down steel hooks and prelubricated ball bearings make this hoist easy to use and operate, while the precision machined drive train components guarantee smooth and efficient lifting.

5) Versatile and adaptable: With its wide range of applications, this manual hoist is perfect for various industrial areas, such as warehouses, construction sites, farms, mines, and more. It can be used to lift anything from engine blocks, machinery, and material to vehicles and cargo.

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