Cat House Cat Bed for Indoor Cats Wooden Cat House with Toy Scratcher

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This cat toy has the function of a cat house, and is equipped with versatile play toys, scratching boards, toy balls, etc. It is a great choice for your fur children.


1. Swinging Ball Toy

The clump weight at the bottom of the pole provides a gravity force, so if cats shaking pole, then ball will swinging back and forth. The ball could change cat's boring life when he at home alone.

2. Attractive Holes

Cats are naturally drawn to small, confined spaces such as holes. You could put a ball toy inside the holes to attract cats' attention.

3. Hidden Hole

There is a hidden hole behind canvas. Maybe it is a good idea to hang interactive toy. Notice: the package doesn't include the toy, you need to perpare by yourself.

4. Cat Scratcher Cardboard

It keeps your cat from scratching your furniture and allows your cat to have a fun way to satisfy scratching instinct. In winter, you can also replace the scratching board with a warmer, furry mat.

5. Easy to Assemble & Clean

Smooth board and washable canva makes it easier to clean.

6. Spacious Space to Rest & Play

The top position is only suitable for small cats. The wooden house work as both seating areas and playing areas. it can accommodate two cats to play together at the same time.

PS: This product comes with a small packet of catnip.

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