4.5ft Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree w/ Metal Stand Green

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Description:<p> </P>

Do you need a realistic Christmas tree to bring home vividness? Fortunately, this flocked artificial Christmas tree as charming as the real tree. Verdant leaves with flocked design make tree flourishing in appearance. And thick leaves allow you to add extra ornaments for wonderful festival effect. 3 Hinged sections make it easier building up this tree in short time. Fluff the tree to create a denser look. Made of premium PVC, the tree needs no maintenance yet keeps brand new for next year reuse. And supported by metal stand, this upright full-bodied tree can keep stable all season long. All in all, this ideal Christmas tree spread strong festival vibe to different occasions, letting you have happy holiday time.<p> </P>


Features:<p> </P>

Flocked design in verdant color for denser look<br>

392 branch tips create a full-bodied shape<br>

Hinged sections ensures quick assembly<br>

Premium PVC material for lasting durability<br>

Folding metal stand with firm support<br>

Eye-catching decoration for festival celebration<br>

Simplistic branches allow ornaments hanging<p> </P>


Specifications:<p> </P>

Color: Green<br>

Material: PVC, Iron<br>

Tree Height: 4.5 FT<br>

Tree Width: 2.6 FT<br>

Number of Tips: 392<br>

Net Weight: 8 LBS<p> </P>

Package includes:<p> </P>

1 x Snow Flocked Christmas Tree<br>

1x Metal Stand


4.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-114.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-124.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-134.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-144.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-154.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-164.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-174.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-184.5 英尺雪花植绒铰链人造圣诞树带金属支架绿色-19

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