15 x 6 FT Floating Water Mat Foam Pad Lake Floats Lily Pad, 3-Layer XPE Water Pad with Storage Straps for Adults Outdoor Water Activities

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The eye-catching bright orange and blue colors make this floating mat more visible in the water, which stands out from the crowd. It can provide more floating fun for water activities in swimming pool, lake or sea.

· The triple-ply high-density XPE material is 1.4 inches thick. So it excellently floats and is very friendly to the elbows and knees, bringing much more comfort. The outer layer of the water pad is resistant to scratches and fading. These characteristics are essential for products that need to be durable in the sun and on water.

· You can fully relax with this floating mat on the water. We equipped its tether kit with 1 grommets, an 11-foot bungee cord, and a clip. So that you can hook this water pad to the dock or boat without worrying about it drifting away with the current.

· Our floating pads are available in 2 different sizes. Whether the need for water play together comes from the whole family, a group of friends, or bring your puppy, it can satisfy all the above. Large surface available in 15' x 6' that supports up to 1100 lbs respectively. Unroll this water pad in your favorite pool, lake, or sea, create your own floating island, and take everyone around you to enjoy it.

· Contains all the accessories you need for fun and storage, 2 Velcro straps for tightening the rolled mat|1 grommets, and 1 tether kit for anchoring. Enjoy water and sunshine with it and on it!

Our floating water mat uses an eye-catching combination of bright orange and blue. The high visibility makes your mat stand out on the lake and can provide full-floating fun for swimming pools, lake, or sea activities. We provide solid materials, complete accessories, convenient and worry-free maintenance.

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