Brand Concept

 As far as primestok is concerned, let us explain our brand nameprimestok. For us, every customer is Important, distinguished and representative. So Prime, is our altitude to our customer.


As you can see, the letter ‘E’ and ‘O’ in our brand logo is red. ‘E’ means the e-commercial and the image of ‘O’ is a furniture. This is very appropriate since our brand‘Primestok’will be selling home Furnishings online.


We aim to offer the best product and service to every customer, and during the epidemic time we focus on developing our online service to bring convenience and safety to consumers.



Product Feature


Oour furniture cannot be less. From material selection to production, we have been committed to the greatest degree of comfort close to the human body, easy to assemble and store. Besides, some of our products like wicker furniture are hand-made.


We have established several warehouse in the U.S. to reduce delivery time and transportation risks. If you have any after-sales issues, our customer service team will provide timely and effective refund or change service.


We provide high-end products but affordable prices, customers can choose their target price range. We will also have some discounts and promotions sometime. You could follow our social platforms to get more promotional information.


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